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CO2 Extinguishers & Frostbite

The photo shows what a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extinguisher looks like. If you have one, try picking it up and pretend you are fighting a fire with it. Did you hold the black tube (or horn) to steady it whilst in use? Then by now your hand would be frozen onto the horn! As the liquid in the extinguisher escapes and turns into gas, it freezes and rapidly cools the horn. Although it is possible to get anti-frost horns, they are hard to identify so...
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What if we have a fire?

Hopefully you will never have to say that. If you do though, suddenly a fire extinguisher may be all that can save your business from ruin. Do you have your extinguishers professionally checked at least annually? Often they can stand in the corner of a room, forgotten for years. But when your business is burning down and you desperately need that extinguisher, it must WORK! Do not rely on their pressure gauges either – usually they are OK but do you want to find out yours is...
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Why do your Fire Extinguishers seem more expensive than on the Internet?

4 different medium fire extinguishers, water, foam, co2 and powderRecently a prospective client (they are now a customer) told us he spotted a fire extinguisher for £12.25 on the Internet and could we match that? I investigated and found it was extra for commissioning (i.e. checking to ensure no transit damage & assembling it) plus installation taking the cost to over £33. Then some small print added an attendance/call-out charge taking the total to over £56. This is...
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Why service fire extinguishers?

Fire Extinguishers ServicingMust I have my extinguishers serviced? If you already have extinguishers, BS5306-3 2009 states they should be serviced at least annually. This becomes even more critical if you have people sleeping on your business premises such as an HMO (House in Multiple Occupancy) or Residential/Nursing Home. In essence, businesses are expected to provide their employees and customers with a safe environment. If a fire occurred and loss of life or injury resulted, then suddenly, proving you...
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Do I need Fire Safety Signs in my premises?

fire-exitFire Safety Legislation (the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) requires that a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is completed by any employer. The ‘Responsible Person’ (you?) who effects this for your workplace will specify what signs you require and where they should be located. Effecting such FRA’s is a service we offer our customers incidentally. Literally hundreds of signs are available covering a wide range of areas. Directional signs clearly pointing you towards Fire Exits in emergencies. Instructional...
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Which extinguishers do I use on which types of fire?

trainingRecently, with our clients agreement, I joined one of our on-site Fire Safety Training Courses as a delegate. First John showed a couple of scarily thought-provoking fire-related videos, then straight outside for some hands-on stuff! Learning about combustion and Class A to F fires plus when to use water, foam, powder, carbon dioxide (CO2) etc. extinguishers to best effect, was enlightening. Then we used extinguishers on an improvised yard fire to bring all the theory into reality. We...
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What is a Fire Risk Assessment and why do I need one?

Ace Fire team member doing fire risk assessmentFire Risk Assessments (HM Government’s definition):
  • A Fire Risk Assessment is an organised & methodical look at your premises, the activities carried on there & the likelihood that a fire could start & cause harm to those in and around the premises.
  • If you are an employer, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 you MUST carry out a Fire Risk Assessment of your workplace.
  • If you employ over...
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Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) FREE GUIDE

houseAre you a Property Manager? In that definition I include owners, landlords, estate agents i.e. anyone responsible for properties. You will be aware of the raft of legislation out there. You need to know about it all to ensure you comply with the parts relevant to you. It is better to act before a fire occurs since by then it will be too late. The consequences of ignoring Fire Safety legislation do not bear thinking about. Ace Fire...
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