CO2 Extinguishers & Frostbite

The photo shows what a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extinguisher looks like. If you have one, try picking it up and pretend you are fighting a fire with it. Did you hold the black tube (or horn) to steady it whilst in use? Then by now your hand would be frozen onto the horn! As the liquid in the extinguisher escapes and turns into gas, it freezes and rapidly cools the horn. Although it is possible to get anti-frost horns, they are hard to identify so you are better to avoid risk and angle the horn where you want it before you squeeze the trigger. Do not hold the metal body either on CO2 extinguishers since you similarly risk frostbite. In our Extinguisher Training Courses, amongst many other topics, we ensure staff not only experience in practice how to safely use CO2 units but also that they are ready for the appreciable noise which they make.

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