StoveTop FireStop

What is a StoveTop FireStop?


Stovetop Firestop CanisterA StoveTop FireStop is a small automatic fire suppressor for stovetops. It mounts under the range hood or microwave using an industrial-strength magnet or dry-wall anchors. When deployed the FireStop emits a “pop” sound to alert the resident and releases non-toxic powder. The powder extinguishes the flame when it comes into contact. The FireStops have a 5 year lifetime and do not need any maintenance or inspection.

There are 2 types of StoveTop FireStop and each has unique features:
Rangehood: this model protects stoves with ventilation hoods.

  • Attaches to the underside of the vent hood using industrial strength magnets.
  • Requires 27-35 inches between the cooking surface and the underside of the vent hood.
  • ‘Invisible’ – hidden in the vent hood.
  • Each canister should be positioned between the front & back burner on each side of the stove.

Microhood: this model protects stoves mounted under microwaves/cabinetry.

  • Attaches to the underside of a microwave/cabinet using dry-wall anchors.
  • Requires 15-27 inches between the cooking surface and underside of the microwave/cabinet.
  • Each unit should be positioned between the front & back burner on each side of the stove.
  • Each unit contains 2 canisters, one for the front and one for the back burners on the stove.

Stovetop Firestop Installation


Why Do You Need One?


Out of an estimated 300,000 dwelling fires, 180,000 started in the kitchen, at an average cost of £24,000 per fire and a staggering £1.4 billion to the economy.

Student housing, care homes for the elderly, sheltered accommodation and flats with shared kitchens are all high risk categories that can reduce risk by using StoveTop FireStops. 

  • StoveTop FireStops offer 24/7 cooker fire suppression
  • Activated by direct, sustained contact with a flame leading to no false alarms or unnecessary usages. 
  • Quick and easy installation due to magnetic fixture.
  • Non-pressurised canisters contain non toxic powder and are completely safe.
  • StoveTop FireStops are a stand-alone cheaper fire protection alternative supplement to a traditional sprinkler system.
  • Usage of a StoveTop FireStop does not void cooking appliance warranty.


How Can You Get One?


Contact Ace Fire below to discuss how StoveTop FireStop can serve as your first line of defence against the UK’s number one cause of residential structure fires.


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