The Location of Fire Extinguishers

Every second counts in an emergency, so the location of your fire extinguishers is extremely important. They need to be somewhere that’s visible and easy to get to.

For most buildings, the first place you should consider fixing an extinguisher is by the main entrance/exit. This would make it one of the most obvious places to find fire fighting equipment. Other places to fix extinguishers would be fire exit doors, and at the top and bottom of staircases.

When positioning fire extinguishers, make sure that people who need them don’t:

  • Have to travel further than 30 metres to get to a class A & C fire extinguisher
  • Have to travel further than 10 metres to get to a class B & F fire extinguisher
  • Go up or down to a different floor to find an extinguisher
  • Go through more than two doors to get to an extinguisher

Other main fire points with specific risks include kitchens, server rooms, mains electrical intakes or near machinery. In these cases, the fire fighting equipment (extinguisher or fire blanket) would need to be near the risk and in a position where it can easily removed from the bracket. They would also need to be very visible and not hidden in a cupboard or behind other objects.

Wall Mounted or Floor Standing?

All fire extinguishers must be in a fixed permanent position. Fire extinguishers with contents of 3 kilograms or 3 litres and above should be wall mounted so the handles are one metre from the floor. This also includes the 2 kilogram Co2 extinguisher. Smaller extinguishers need to be mounted so the handles are one and a half metres from floor level.

This may not be always practical as many modern shops and offices have partition walls or expanses of glass. If this is a problem fire extinguisher stands are available in a variety of colours and designs. Some will be made from fibreglass but these can crack and are not recommended for food preparation areas, so the preferred option would be tubular metal or plastic.

Most new extinguishers will be supplied with a suitable wall mounting bracket.

For more information or to buy fire extinguishers, extinguisher stands and accessories, see Ace Fire’s Ancillary Equipment page.