Why do your Fire Extinguishers seem more expensive than on the Internet?

4 different medium fire extinguishers, water, foam, co2 and powderRecently a prospective client (they are now a customer) told us he spotted a fire extinguisher for £12.25 on the Internet and could we match that? I investigated and found it was extra for commissioning (i.e. checking to ensure no transit damage & assembling it) plus installation taking the cost to over £33. Then some small print added an attendance/call-out charge taking the total to over £56. This is substantially higher than our charges!

Some supply sources for extinguishers will just send them to you by courier with instructions on how to assemble and mount them yourself. Instead, our engineer will deliver your fully operational extinguisher(s) personally, discuss with you the best place for it to go, then wall-mount it at the correct height for its size & weight. Then install a photo-luminescent Extinguisher Identification Sign – a bespoke sign for each type of extinguisher. If time allows they will also give your staff nearby a very brief informal overview of how to use each type of extinguisher supplied.

As in life generally, you get what you pay for – cheapest may not be your best option.

We offer a free survey (by prior appointment for your convenience) to help you assess your needs. They may include Fire Alarms, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Risk Assessments or more per our Other Services. For your free survey simply ring us on 01603 787333 or email info@acefire.co.uk