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Emergency fire plan for Ace Fire

Emergency fire plans form an integral part of any businesses’ evacuation procedure in the event of a fire breaking out. This procedure is commonly known as a Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan (FEEP) and is usually recommended following the completion of a Fire Risk Assessment.

Whatever your premises-a single floor office or a multi-storey accommodation block-you will require some form of Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan. In smaller premises a simple fire action notice with basic easy to follow instructions to all users will suffice. In larger more complex buildings or premises considered as being at higher fire risk, however, a detailed plan of action is such as a FEEP will most-likely to be required.

The different forms of evacuation procedures Ace Fire look at are:

  •    Simultaneous Evacuation (suitable for most buildings)
  •    Horizontal Phased Evacuation (often required in residential homes & large hotels)
  •    Vertical Phased Evacuation (required following completion of the horizontal phase)

At Ace Fire we have an experienced team who can assist in the preparation and writing of your Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan. All Emergency plans should be appropriate and relevant to the type of building and its use. Working closely with the responsible person and site managers, our Fire Risk Assessors will review and comment on the effectiveness of your current plans and procedures taking into account the following:

  •    Fire strategy
  •    Raising the alarm
  •    Evacuating the building
  •    Identifying fire exits
  •    Persons nominated to fight a fire
  •    Calling the fire and rescue services
  •    Assisting others
  •    Fire marshals/warden duties

In some cases it may be recommended that floor plans are created to be displayed showing: Fire Zones, Firefighting Equipment, Fire Exit Routes, Final Exits, Fire Compartmentation and Assembly Points. If floor plans are required as a result of the review our Fire Risk Assessor can create these for you

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