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Fire safety course in action

The Ace Fire Extinguisher Training Course is designed to educate your staff members as to how they should react if a fire was to occur on your premises. Theoretical and “hands on” training is provided and details the differences between the various types of fire extinguishers in use. This is followed by a practical demonstration and the chance for your staff to deploy the fire extinguishers in order to ensure that they are both confident and possess the necessary knowledge to use the fire fighting equipment located on-site in the case of a fire. The course guarantees piece of mind in the fact that it enables employers to meet their legal obligation under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which requires all business owners to provide staff with Fire Action Training.

In order for Ace Fire to deliver your Fire Safety Training, a time and date will be arranged to attend your premises. The course is held Upon arrival, we will request the use of a suitable room in which to present the course-large enough to accommodate the students and our trainer, with an electrical power socket available for the use of our laptop/tablet/monitor to display the theoretical Fire Safety Training video. When this video has been watched, we will require the use of a suitable outdoor area for our Fire Safety Trainer to move onto the practical training element of the course. This is designed to educate your staff members as to how they should use the extinguishers in the event of a fire.

Upon completion of your Fire Safety Training, a certificate will be provided with the names of all attendees listed to confirm their Fire Safety Competency should your premises be subject to a fire.

Although we have a “standard” syllabus for the course, we tailor the Fire Safety Training to accommodate the specific needs of each location. This can be discussed with the Ace Fire team prior to course commencement.


Fire Safety Training Demo

The course lasts approximately 2 hours, and is arranged at a time and date that suits you.

The maximum number of students for the course is 15 pupils per session. When more than this number are in need of Fire Safety Training, we will run 2 courses on the same day-morning and afternoon-at a discounted rate.

The Ace Fire Safety Training course outline and content is detailed below:

1) Video Presentation.
2) Make up of fire/triangle of fire.
3) How fire spreads.
4) How to extinguish a fire.
5) Different classes of fire.
6) How to raise the alarm.
7) Hands on demonstration of extinguisher usage.
8) Different types of extinguisher.
9) Instructions and demonstrations on how to use each individual extinguisher.
10) The use of a fire blanket with demonstration.
11) The importance of containment and extinguisher management.
12) Practical test of delegates.
13) Fire safety overview of the property/work place.


The Fire Marshall Training Course comprises the same theoretical and practical delivery included with the Fire Extinguisher Training Course, but also covers additional subjects that are specific to the role of a Fire Marshal. These additional subjects including the following:

  • What duties are required of a Fire Marshall.
  • How to implement a Fire Action Plan in the event of an emergency.
  • The knowledge of the fire actions required to be followed by all staff and visitors in order to assist them achieve a full and safe evacuation of the building.
  • DVD presentation-including fire spread presentation and the detailed role of fire marshal/warden.
  • Condensed Fire Risk Assessment of each delegate’s designated area.

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