Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) FREE GUIDE

houseAre you a Property Manager? In that definition I include owners, landlords, estate agents i.e. anyone responsible for properties. You will be aware of the raft of legislation out there. You need to know about it all to ensure you comply with the parts relevant to you. It is better to act before a fire occurs since by then it will be too late. The consequences of ignoring Fire Safety legislation do not bear thinking about.

Ace Fire have put together an outline Guide to help you navigate through the forest of legislation. It is not a definitive document but contains summaries and sign-posting to other sources to help you find out more as is necessary for your circumstances. It is available as a FREE pdf download.

Ace Fire have experts to help you through the Fire Safety maze. We offer a free survey (by prior appointment for your convenience) to help you assess your needs. They may include Fire Alarms, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Risk Assessments or more per our OTHER SERVICES. For your free survey simply ring us on 01603 787333 or email