Which extinguishers do I use on which types of fire?

trainingRecently, with our clients agreement, I joined one of our on-site Fire Safety Training Courses as a delegate. First John showed a couple of scarily thought-provoking fire-related videos, then straight outside for some hands-on stuff!

Learning about combustion and Class A to F fires plus when to use water, foam, powder, carbon dioxide (CO2) etc. extinguishers to best effect, was enlightening. Then we used extinguishers on an improvised yard fire to bring all the theory into reality. We learnt practically about techniques and the peculiarities of each extinguishing medium.

Everyone was particularly surprised by the noise and kick from the CO2 extinguisher. Eliminating such surprises allows effective use of extinguishers to potentially reduce risk to people and property.

We even learnt valuable tips about how to use the humble fire blanket. Overall, this short Course imparted considerable knowledge backed by practical experience. This builds confidence to tackle a fire (if it is safe to do so) and potentially save your livelihood.

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